Saturday, February 09, 2008

WANTED: Normal People

Is there any such thing?! Today, out of 11 people scheduled to look at the house only five showed up. Out of the five that actually showed up, only one came on time. One set of people was the most mis-matched bunch 'o people ever. There was a lady, her male 'friend,' a teenage girl and what appeared to be the girl's boyfriend. At first, I thought that the lady was just saying the guy was her friend when he was really her boyfriend. But she told him and the girl that they would have to duke it out over who got the big upstairs bedroom. The young boyfriend plopped himself down on the bench as soon as he came in and told Jeff he wouldn't be living here. The whole thing was strange. Another lady who came has four grown kids, a few assorted step children, a fiance and a partridge in a pear tree. She told me her credit was bad but that her cousin's uncle's brother's friend's dog, or someone like that would cosign for her. So, out of the people that actually showed only two or three look promising. The jury is still out with the PBU girls. Hopefully they'll let us know soon. I'd love it if they wanted to move in. I just want this whole rental thing to be settled! I don't like dealing with psycho wannabe renters who 'think' they can cover the rent or want to move in with their sixteen llamas. Argh, matey!

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