Thursday, February 28, 2008

My brain is fried and so is the internet...

This whole house ordeal has caused me to perpetually feel as though my brain is going to explode. The good thing is that the sellers have agreed to give us what they originally offered us, so we don't have that hanging over our heads. Now, we have the renter thing hanging over our heads. We placed an ad in the paper again this week and have gotten only two calls. Our real estate agent also, finally, posted it for us on his website. Apparently, according to some people who are educated in the market, the rental market is very slow right now. At this point, while I like the house and would love to live there, I just want things to be over! Fortunately, we do not have the pressure of needing housing. If this does not work out, it is not the end of the world. Jeff is excited about the possibility of being a slum lord. Ha! Ha! I prefer to call it our 'investment property.' Anyhow, that is the quick update. (I keep meaning to call you, Gma and Gpa, to give you the update...)

All the drama has apparently had an affect on the internet as well. It is on the fritz, at least for the last few days. I guess that's what happens when you are pirating the free waves of internet that are floating through the air. How's that for a technical description, Jeffrey? Since the internet has been working on and off, I have realized how nice it is to be able to hop on anytime I want and Google whatever my little heart desires. Oh, well. I have plenty to keep me busy anyway. Adios!

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Phillip and Rachel said...

I still want to smack that devil child that called James a mean name....grrrrrrr! Being an Auntie brings out a whole different protective side of me!!! Your renting crisis is insane!!!!!!!!!!