Monday, February 18, 2008

Back to the Randomness

Its Monday, and now I'm back from outer space. Here is a random update on the life and times of us.

1. Out of three appointments on Saturday, two actually showed up to see the house! It was a miracle. They even showed up early. Both sets of people said they were interested. The first couple, a girlfriend/boyfriend duo, said they would bring back the application the same day. They didn't. Me thinks that his credit was a little worse than he let on. He gave us his business card for his company, 'Da Sneaka Sp0t.' Would you think it a little strange if your own name is not on your business card, especially if you are the owner?

The second lady seemed very promising and said she would fax her application over today. Keep praying peoples! We need a renter!!

2. Katie is now officially 'rolling over,' beyond the fluke roll-over here and there. I knew she was so close, and last night I laid her on the floor and kept James at bay long enough for her to get in some good practice. Of course, when she rolls over she is like a little turtle flailing around.

3. James is just chattering up a storm. He is starting say 'wuv you, tee' or 'wuv you, daddy.' Its so sweet and melts your heart. A habit that is not so endearing is his shrieking. He likes to let out a high-pitched shriek when he's bored, excited, or wants attention.

4. Katie got to wear a dress yesterday that I wore when I was a baby. See how cute she looked:

5. Jeff is currently committing the first 36 elements from the periodic table to memory. Sounds fun, huh?

6. I almost forgot! James pooped in the actual potty on Saturday! I can't tell you how exciting this event was for our family. I realize blogging about poop is a little, hmm, strange, but this is a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT that we have long been waiting for. Yipeee! Hooray!!!!!


Krista Motsinger said...

Katie is such a sweetie!!! I just adore the name Katie, but sadly, my husband Jason seriously dated two Katie's before me and if we used that name, it would just be weird, lol.SO...if we have a girl, we are going with Miley:) Our boys would have a blast together!!!

Jeff & Meg said...

I think they would have fun together too. Can you imagine the trouble they could get into together!? :)