Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day, Y'all!

So, this being Valentine's Day, I will get all sentimental and recall for you the first Valentine's Day of our married existence. We had been married for only a month and a half. Jeff had carefully selected a gift for me and wrapped in painstakingly in what is known as the-bag-that-it-came-in. I was excited to see what my new husband had picked out for me. Surely it was something fabulous! I unwrapped the bag and peered inside. It was a tool of some sort. Ah, nothing says I love you like power tools. For your wife. I pulled out the box and read the front: Dremel. I have to say I wasn't too thrilled. I thought he bought it for me because he wanted it for himself. And how romantic is that?! I asked him what it was and the poor guy started to explain to me what this magical tool did, and why he thought I could use it. Turns out he got it for me to use in my art classes. Once I realized what the thing was and why he got it for me, it turned out to be something fabulous after all! I have used that thing so much for various and sundry projects. So thanks, Jeff, for the year of the DREMEL. I don't think I'll ever forget it!

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