Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Daily Dose of Drama

The saga of the house continues. Things are getting complicated with negotiations, all because of a comment made by a neighbor (of the new house). Whatever their intent, their comment has now caused the seller to believe that we think we are getting a steal on the house and wondering why we are trying to negotiate some repairs. The seller is trying to get us to take less than they originally noted due to this situation. The whole thing is just ridiculous and too complicated to blog about. Hopefully we will know soon what the outcome of the negotiations will be. As excited as I am about the possibility of the new house, the stress of the rental situation and now this is really more than I feel like I can deal with. Why do things have to get so stinkin' complicated???

On a side note, check out Rachel's blog. She started a new series called Confessions of a PK and its a good one! You can see incriminating pictures of us Cheyney kids in various 80's and 90's church fashions. Click here: Rach and Phil's blog

1 comment:

Trish D said...

What a headache - will be praying that it gets worked out quickly. And still praying about renters!