Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Tale from the Franch

This whole Franch series is bringing back a lot of memories, some I have apparently tried to forget. That is precisely why I have my sister to remind me. Thanks, Rach. Here is a tale from the Franch that I had forgotten about. I shall dub this tale ‘A Close Call.’ One forth of July, Charlie and one of his buddies went to Wyoming to procure a bunch of fireworks. These weren’t your ordinary fireworks. No, they were illegal fireworks, you know, the fun kind that fly in the air and start fires. They wanted to put on a mini-fireworks-spectacular at the farm. Jeff and I were merely spectators to this debacle until things got out of hand. Super Jeff had to bust out his super powers and save the day. An errant bottle rocket flew over the fence and into the adjoining property, setting the dry grass on fire. It may be helpful to note that the adjoining property was a State Park. That added a considerable amount of urgency to the situation. With gazelle-like agility, Jeff ran full speed ahead off into the darkness toward the fence. Unfortunately, Jeff has only mole-like abilities in the vision department. I was afraid that he didn’t see the barbwire fence he was rocketing toward. The other guy who was running toward the fire stopped and climbed carefully over the fence. Jeff showed no signs of slowing down, or even seeing the fence. This is where his gazelle-like reflexes came in handy. With one giant leap, he sailed right over the fence and kept right on running. He got to the fire and quickly stomped it out. Phew! That was a close call!

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