Thursday, December 04, 2008

This one made me chortle....

OK. So maybe the word 'chortle' makes me chortle, but this book does too! Just the title of it is a giant OXYMORON! I am a PK (pastor's kid), and I have heard more than my fair share of church jokes. They are all lame and most are not even deserving of a courtesy laugh. Here are a few that I remember:
  • Where in the Bible does it say that the husband should brew his wife coffee? Hebrews. Huh. Get it? He-brews. Yep. I told you these jokes were bad.
  • Where was a car mentioned in the Bible? 'And they were all in one Accord.'
  • Where is baseball mentioned in the Bible? 'In the beginning.' Get it? Big-inning. Yep, from bad to worse.
I had many better things to do with my time as a PK than to share cheesy jokes. My siblings and I were too busy rolling our offering money down the wheelchair ramp and exploring every knook and cranny of our nearly-hundred-year-old church building. As we got older, and more devious, we spent our CA years perfecting the art of breaking into the church via the nursery window and racing down the hall to disarm the alarm before it went off. I also may or may not have hung a picture of dreadlock Jesus in my Dad's office before prayer meeting one morning. I do remember one joke, however, that I don't think they put in clean church joke books. It came, strangely enough, from my Dad. He told us one day 'What do you get if you cross an elephant and a rhino? Hell-if-I-know.' We couldn't believe that Dad would tell such a joke, although we were pretty impressed. He did swear us to secrecy though. Don't tell anyone, but Pastors have a sense of humor too.

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