Sunday, December 07, 2008

Very Useful Information

I just came to check the email and Jeff had this page open: How to Cook Food in a Hotel Room. Now I am not really sure what possessed him to look this up. He doesn't ever cook at home. Why would he decide to cook in a hotel room? Whatever the reason, it is well worth perusing just for the funny factor. Ironing bacon? Cooking chicken and steaming veggies in a coffee maker? I am sure hotels would love that. At least at the end they do remind you that the iron can be a fire hazard, and to never let children cook alone. Yes, we must always supervise our children when allowing them to iron bacon.


Phillip and Rachel said...

Someone has too much time or has been on too many business trips...we should try some of these things at home because it would be amusing to see if it works.

mcwigginseses said...

So THAT's why the iron smelled so weird when I plugged it in at Holiday Inn!

Good thing I didn't use it on my shirt!

Trish D said...

You know, somebody was JUST telling me about this! :)