Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yippee! (I think...)

So after nearly four hours of dismantling the furnace at the rental, starting a fire, and getting incredibly dirty, Jeff got the furnace running again. He spent a whopping $7.42 in parts, which were more like the 'while I'm in there I might as well' parts, rather than the cause of the problem. We were very relieved to get it running without having to call the oil company to come out and charge us $150 to tell us that its going to cost another $600 to fix some weird part. However....this morning we got an email from our tenant again saying it was not working again. Jeff thinks, maybe hopes, that it is air in the lines. We are praying that that is the case, and that its not anything major.

And as for the dog....well. As I said there was a dog sitting in the bay window of the house. Turns out, it was a chihuahua. When our tenants called Jeff, he told them he was at the house. They immediately said 'uh, we'll call you right back.' They called back and said that they had a 'little visitor.' Uh, yeah. Really? He told Jeff that the dog is a gift for his wife's mom and that they were only keeping it for a week and a half. So, that's the story. Which I wouldn't believe, except for the fact that Jeff went over and talked to the neighbors and they have never seen the dog before. So, we'll just be checking in after Christmas to make sure the little ankle biter is gone.

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