Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Funny Kid

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. I think it got up to 67! Today, on the other hand, we are having snow, sleet and ice. Fun times. Anyway, yesterday was nice and the kiddies and I headed over to the house 'o magic, otherwise known as Grammy and Chappy's house. I swear James thinks anything is better at Grammy and Chappy's. We played in their backyard for quite a while. The only glitch in the weather was the wind. It was quite gusty at times and James took notice. At first, he was blowing back at the wind. Later, an especially tenacious gust blew off his 'firefighter-man's' hat, which caused James to turn indignantly and shout at the wind to 'STOOOOOOOOP ITTTTTTT!' We got quite a laugh out of that one for sure!

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