Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm all festivity'd out.

This weekend was crammed full of festive festivities and merry merriment. Now, I have a festive hangover. Not from drinking, mind you. No, from too much fun and food and not enough sleep. We started the weekend off with a bang on Friday night. Jeff had a work seminar on Friday night and I took leave of my senses to take both kids to a live Nativity presentation by myself. Turns out, it was much more! I was so glad we went, and the kids loved it all and were good, despite the fact that it was past their bedtimes. In addition to the Nativity, they had hired a man and his two beautiful Belgian horses and wagon to give hay rides. James was so excited I thought he might burst. We waited for twenty minutes in the cold, and he didn't complain one bit. He would've waited an hour I think. They also had kid's crafts, family pictures, various musical groups, a kids' tent, cookies galore, cider, coffee, etc, and much more. And, it was all free. We had a fabulous time and I look forward to going next year. Next time, we'll bring Jeff!

On Saturday, we had Jeff's annual fancy-schmancy Christmas party. While we both agreed that it wasn't the best one ever, it was nice and I ate my fare share and then some! I made sure to sample multiple desserts! Mmmmm.

Sunday, James was to have his first performance singing with his three year old cohorts in church. Here is the place where I wish I could show you a cute video of my kid picking his nose or waving while everyone is singing, but James freaked out and wouldn't go up. Oh, well. He's like me. Not much for public performance. Then last night we had our second annual goofy gift exchange with our small group. The gifts included a toothpick dispenser, shoe polisher, a mysterious jar of pickles and....a lovely picture of 15 cats made just for me. And we all know how much I adore cats. The story behind this is that we have two crazy friends who have no less than fifteen felines living under their care. Eight of them live inside. And, their house is the size of my living room and kitchen, no joke. They know I think they are crazy, and they always threaten to give James a cat. I tell them that I am in need of some nice slippers and a cat would make a nice pair. Really, I would not make slippers from a cat, but I do not like cats! Anyway, they made a lovely montage of their brood of cats, which I think was the funniest idea of the night! After all that fun, we are all worn out! Here's to a nice quiet week before we do it all over again!


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