Monday, December 01, 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

File this one under the 'someday it'll be funny' category. Maybe. James has been, shall we say, a handful these last several days. Something to do with the turkey, pie, relatives, short naps, etc. I just put the kids down for an early nap. This morning, James said 'Mommy, come see I made you a surprise!!!!!' I came in to find he had drawn me a surprise on the cedar chest, with the screw-end of the paper towel holder which he had dismantled for the occasion. Now I have a few lines scratched into the surface of our coffee table permanently, or at least until I refinish the thing when my kids turn 18. At least it already has the distressed look from years of us Cheyney kids beating it up. Argh! And then...oh, it only gets better, or worse if you are me. He went to the bathroom and called out that 'I realized something.' Um. Whatever that means, it can't be good. I went in to find that he had peed in the sink, on the wall and in the toilet. I was livid! He told me 'but Mommy, I peed in the toilet too.' Like that's gonna make me OK with it! Anyway, now I have pee on my wall. The problem is that it is flat paint and that stuff doesn't scrub well at all. Why! Oh, why! Is it bed time yet????

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