Saturday, December 27, 2008

A few Christmas pictures...

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Rach and Phil, I noticed you may have checked the blog from Austin a time or two. :) Here are some pictures for y'all. Its not the same without you guys here!

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas festivities. I'll put up a slide show and some videos soon.

L to R: Dad reading the Christmas story; Katie showing off her new dress and adorable giraffe boots; James opening his Bob the Build*r tool set

L to R: Katie modeling James' new animals; Mom modeling her new apron; Me hiding behind my pile o' presents (we were laughing because we realized that 90% of my presents were from yard sales and flea markets!)

L to R: Katie opening one of her presents; James the fashion plate; Jeff

More pictures to come. And check out the bottom of the blog to see how big the baby is! Already 2 inches long from crown to rump, as they say. Wow!

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scottnmerr said...

Cute pictures! Emma has the same exact fleecy jumper outfit. Don't you wish they made them in "mama size"? :) I love baby-gaga, don't you? This time, I have mine set to the "flower" setting. It's pretty cool ~ you should check it out. Love you!