Friday, October 31, 2008

What is this world coming to?

If you've been under a rock somewhere and haven't heard, the Phillies won the world series. Its very exciting due to the fact that it is the first major 'title' win for Philadelphia in 25 years. That being said, why do Philly fans have to be such inconsiderate jerks!? OK, I know that fans anywhere can get out of hand. But Philly lives up to its reputation of being the city of Brotherly Shove. Its pretty bad when they have to send in bulldozers for clean up. Its beyond my comprehension that anyone, let alone hundreds if not thousands, of people would go out and damage other's property in the name of celebration. Since when is defacing storefronts, tearing down city light poles, and overturning people's cars celebration? Its embarassing, frankly. The night of the game, my brother's car was vandalized. As he said, they used his car as a 'Phillies pinata.' He came out to find his car pretty much totalled. His insurance doesn't cover stupid drunken idiots destroying people's property, so now he is out a car or however much money it costs to get it fixed. I don't know what is worse, the vandals themselves, or the fact that everyone laughed as they walked past his car while the police was writing his report. What are people thinking? The sad truth is that they were probably everyday people caught up in the excitement and fever surrounding the win, and hopped up on too much overpriced beer. Argh! As you can tell, I am pretty disgusted with the fanatical fans right now. Not just because of Nate's car, mind you. I am just disgusted in general with the absolute lack of any human consideration that happened that night. Alright, I think I'm done now. Hope I haven't scared anyone off. I promise to post something nice and flowery sometime soon.


Jules said...

I agree. I can't stand the way the fans have acted. Some fans are ok but the majority have been so dumb. There were fireworks in our neighborhood at all hours of the night and we almost got hit driving home from the hospital that night.

Mr. and Mrs. Bearclaw said...

I completely agree! Danny just informed me that the daughter of a co-worker had her car flipped over and set on fire, while she was still in it. She is alright but was in the hospital for a concussion. I feel for your brother.

Trish D said...

So true - why are Philly people so stoooopid?!?