Saturday, November 01, 2008

Being a Party Pooper is Genetic

I am happy to say, after reading my sister's blog, that I do believe being a party pooper is genetic. Every Halloween, my parents turn off their lights and hole up upstairs till the whole thing is over. With the exception of one year, Jeff and I have done the same thing. We were sort of turned off by the high school trick-or-treaters and the parents who reach in and take some for themselves. Part of me feels guilty because I was the benefactor of many a kind candy-giving soul. We used to come home with loads upon loads of bottlecaps and nerds and peanut butter cups. The good stuff. So, part of me feels guilty that I am not 'giving back.' My guilt is somewhat lessened by reading my sister's blog this morning. Being a party pooper must be genetic! It just runs in the family. I will make sure to tell that to the next disgruntled trick-or-treater that leaves my door empty handed. I am sure he or she will understand.

Actually, we had very little in the way of candy-begging munchkins. No one knocked on our door, and we saw very few people out. Our neighbor had to park his truck at the end of his driveway and hang out there to fend off neighborhood kids who wanted to see the 'haunted house.' There is a 300 year old farmhouse across the street from us, and all the kids think it is haunted. As for our halloween festivities, I took the kids to the mall to see Curious George and do a little trick-or-treating. James, being a first-timer, was really funny to watch. If he actually said anything, it was in a whisper so low it was inaudible. He just looked at the ground and held out his candy bag. The appearance of Curious George was a bit disappointing. He was later than expected, and then he just stood on stage and waved and blew kisses and danced a little bit before he headed off. They said there was to be a meet-and-greet but I don't know what happened to that. The good news is, James was none the wiser. He was enthralled at the sight of George, and he blew kisses and waved right back. Here is where I would post cute pictures of the kids in thier Halloween finery, but my camera decided to rid itself of all my pictures and they are gone! I think we may have to have a staged photo shoot here one of these days. They were just so cute.

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Phillip and Rachel said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! We are turning into our parents :) It just sneaks up on you...