Monday, October 06, 2008

Its Me Again: The Broken Record

10 Days! I am getting so excited I am not past telling random strangers that her cast is coming off in TEN DAYS!!! TEN DAYS!!!! TEN DAYS!!!!!!

In other news, Jeff keeps harassing me about the purpose of my blog. He tells me I need to have a clear direction...a purpose...a plan. Although he doesn't read the blog very often, he says all I ever write about is the kids. He tells me people will stop reading if I keep it up. First of all, I told him I'm not really trying to have a prize-winning blog. I just think its funny that people read it at all. Second of all, with a name like Newspapers and Broccoli, how can I come up with a serious blogging plan. Really? The very name of the blog shouts RANDOM!! So anyway, this conversation has happened now about three or four times. I finally told Jeff that I did have a plan for my blog. My plan is to have no plan! Jeff shook his head and looked at me and said 'Why does that not surprise me?' Ah, yes. That's what happens when an engineer marries an artist-type.


Trish D said...

Feel free to borrow my purpose statement: I will not lose the ability to communicate in complete sentences, despite the fact that I spend the vast majority of my waking hours with kidlets. :)

Plus, on my blog I can pretend to be a loving, well-organized woman. Oh, how I love my imaginary world!!

the grown survivors said...

I like the eclectic blog that you have! If I had to pick a purpose for my blog, it would be: Let everyone know I'm still alive and that I'm still having an adventure as a freak beacon.