Thursday, October 09, 2008

We're Making Bets

How long will it be before Katie starts walking once she gets the cast off? Leave your guess in the comments and whoever is closest wins!! What do you win? I haven't thought that far ahead yet actually. Maybe a good ol' fashioned at-a-boy. Maybe the lovely fish statues we inherited from the previous owners of our house. Or whatever I find under my couch cushions, which will probably be a few cheerios, some lint and a M@tchbox car. Who knows. The point is, leave your guesses in the comments and see who gets closest!


Anonymous said...

I think katie will walk in less than 2 weeks after she gets the cast off.


the grown survivors said...

Ummm. My bet is 2 weeks plus one day. I'm doing the whole Je@pordy thing against Rachel, see? Hah.