Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sleep: It's Highly Overrated

I think its been three weeks now since I really had any sort of decent sleep. Katie worked very hard to bust out three teeth in about four days. I think she is still working on a few more. Up until last week, she only had two teeth. Then, she caught a cold from her big brother, who likes to share. The cold went together with the teeth to keep her, and me, up at night. On top of that, she has apparently decided that between 5:45 and 6:00 am is a great time to get up! Yipee! I am overjoyed. Nothing like being dragged out of bed that early after a night of cruddy sleep. But enough venting! Just one day at a time...that's my motto.

In other random news, Jeff is touring a nuclear plant today for work. The weather hear has cooled off considerably. It has actually been cold in the mornings...cold enough to make me want to turn on the heater...UNTIL I REMEMBER the price of oil. Then I just tell myself to deal with it. Katie slept in James' footy PJs last night, since they will actually fit over her cast to keep her warm. She looks like a blue tank in them. I'll try to post a video of her walking with the aid of a paint can last night, when she was supposed to be sleeping! Did I mention she didn't want to go to sleep last night?! Anyway, she has really figured out her cast, but I am happy to say there are only 9 days and a few hours left!! And since we are on the subject of countdowns, only 11 days till Grandma and Grandpa get here! Yipee!!! Alright, enough of the sleep deprived ramblings. As James is fond of saying, "Peace out, homey!"

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