Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random-Randomness, Part 297

Only 3 days, 4 hours and a few minutes till...you guessed it...the cast comes off!!!!

James has started to say the following: 'Sure thing,' 'Sure nuf,' 'Holy Tow!,' 'Its o-tay, chitchy-pie, I know,' or 'Hey, swee-pea, here, its o-tay.' He also says 'Chet dis out!'

Katie seems to be a bit more outgoing than James. Yesterday we were taking a walk and she was waving at random people or passing cars. I have a hard enough time getting James to wave at the neighbor.

And I finally got a bit of video of Katie scooting along in her cast. At least you'll get the idea:

1 comment:

the grown survivors said...

I change my vote to Katie walks within 7 days after getting the cast off. :) Wow.