Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rejected at the Library

During our trip to the library yesterday, the librarian invited us to attend story time this morning. She informed us that it was on Wednesday mornings at 10, and that the kids were encouraged to wear their costumes. Thinking it would be a fun little thing to do on Wednesdays, I dressed up the kids and headed over. James, by the way, was in nearly in full cowboy regalia when he exchanged his boots for snow boots and his cowboy hat for a fireman's hat. Katie wore James' old tiger costume because it was nice and warm. Being a fairy just isn't an option when its 44 degrees out. Anyway, when we arrived, the lady was checking each child against her list of names. I explained that we were just invited to come yesterday and that I hadn't been aware I needed to sign up. I must have had a neon BAD MOMMY sign above my head judging by the way she looked at me. OK. So it wasn't quite that bad, but she did look at me like I was an idiot. She told me, no joke, that she would let us come in this time, but that we couldn't come back. My son has been rejected from library story time! I explained to her that the other librarian had just told me yesterday that I could come and she said, shaking her head and shrugging, 'Well, I don't know why she said that. We're all full. There are just too many kids. You'll have to wait till December to sign up for the next one.' So, I took my little cowboy and my baby tiger and we trudged in to story time, the uninvited red-headed-step-visitors. I guess next time I will make sure to sign my kid up 6 months in advance. Who knew story time was by reservation only?!

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Trish D said...

Did the "bouncer librarian" have some seriously fried reddish hair by any chance? She was the one we had for our last round of storytime, and I was less than impressed... (I can fill you in later if you'd like)

The morning times do fill up pretty quickly; if we go, I try to go for the early afternoon slot (although that probably doesn't work too well for you with naptimes)