Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Katie pulled a disappearing act at the library today. After weighing the merits of putting her on the floor where she wanted to be versus trying to hold her and look for books, I decided that the floor didn't look half bad and I put her down. She was happy as a clam. I was too, since I actually had a chance of finding a book for myself. I was busy checking out the crafty books while Katie was playing at my feet. James stood waiting quite nicely. All the sudden, Katie was no where to be seen. Then I saw two little feet just barely peeking out of the the bookshelf. She had climbed all the way into the bookshelf and was almost through the other side. She sure thought it was something else. There was a guy at the table nearby who seemed to think it was pretty funny to see a baby pop through the bookshelf. It was a good laugh for all of us.

And as a strange side note, it is snowing outside. It's been snowing all morning and much to my surprise it is actually sticking. There is a good 3/4 to an inch of snow in the back yard. James wants desperately to make a snowman. We'll see if it keeps up. I can't believe its not even Halloween yet!

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