Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Scoop


Yesterday...we headed for the hospital around 1:15. The plan was for the kids, or at least Katie, to nap on the way. Katie did not nap. Apparently that was not on her agenda. James, on the other hand, surprised me and took a snooze. We got there, checked in, and waited to see the doctor. There was some sort of scheduling mishap because their trusty scheduler transferred to another department. Fortunately, we hardly noticed that anything was 'off.' Dr. Speigel sent us to the cast room to have the cast removed. The saw, I have to say, was scary. It just looked bad sawing away at my little baby's cast. I just didn't look much and I knew that it wouldn't cut her skin. Katie laughed at first because it tickled her. When the nurse had to flip her on her side to cut it there, she started crying. It went very quickly...about 5 minutes. Under the cast she smelled. Bad. Fortunately her skin is in good shape, no sores. She immediately reached down to touch her legs. It was very cute. She made sure to keep her legs in 'SPICA' position. After the cast came off, we went down to the brace shop and got Katie's brace adjusted. They were so organized that she was in and out in about 15 minutes. The brace is more flexible than I thought. Part of it is rigid plastic and most of it is foam and velcro. After the brace shop, we headed to x-ray. We had to wait a bit longer there, but when the time came for her x-ray it was very quick. Finally, we headed back to see Dr. Speigel. He came in and gave us the good news that Katie will only have to wear the brace full time for about 3 weeks!! After that, she will go to night time only. Originally, they told us that she would wear it full time as long as possible, then during naps and night time. So that was exciting! He also told us to take her out of the brace for breaks during the next three weeks. I was very excited to hear that she won't be in the brace as much as we thought! After all this, we were all tired, hungry, and ready to be home. My plan was to take my kids home (Mom and James came along), and give them a nice warm bath. NOT! We had planned it so I could drive Jeff's trusty car to CHOP. Turns out, his car is not so trusty. We were on the ramp from 676 to 95 when the car lost power steering, the brakes went semi-AWOL and the car died. Did I mention it was rush-hour? I managed to get the car half way out of the road, but it wouldn't start. I was only about 15 or 20 yards from 95. I am glad it was there and not actually on the interstate. I called my trusty mechanic/night-in-shining-armour Jeff who asked me all sorts of questions like 'can you push it off the road? Did you try starting it again once it died? Can you try this? Try that?' My thoughts consisted of 'get over here and fast! I am starving, my kids are starving and I am broken down in the middle of rush hour. I want to go home!' Once Jeff realized that the car indeed was broken, he headed over. He was about 35 minutes away. In the meantime, and friendly police man showed up to make sure we were OK. He pushed the car off the road and waited till Jeff showed up. Jeff couldn't get the car started and had to call the tow truck. We left him in the dust in the interest of taking the kids home. There was a 45 minute wait for the tow truck. On the way home we called Jeff and said he was still waiting for the tow truck. What a turkey! We got home and Dad told us that Jeff was on his way home. What?! Apparently, he got the car started right after we left. He walked in 3 minutes later. At least we saved $125 for a tow truck. The funny part, well not really funny, but the car didn't start up at the 'rents, so we had to leave it over there. At least we got it back to the 'hood.' So...that about sums up our day yesterday. Long, encouraging, discouraging...and Katie didn't get a bath. We put her to smelly little self to bed and figured we'd deal with it today. As for the sleeping...well...things have got to improve, right?! She didn't sleep well at all last night. She was up six times. I'm tired, she's tired. Fortunately she's sleeping right now, which is better than I can say.

Alright, I'll end this blog. Its getting less and less coherent. I'll post pictures later. Peace out, homies.

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