Saturday, October 11, 2008


Jeff got home last night. He called at 8:30 saying he was on his way home. Since James was still awake upstairs, I let him come down and wait for Daddy. Katie was a chipper little chicken too, so she stayed up. The above picture is what happens every time Jeff gets back from a business trip. He stops at W@wa for his dinner: a chicken and bacon melt, because as we all know that is way healthier than filet mignon. Seriously, after you eat filet for four days in a row, you have to have something different. Anyway, he gets the sandwich, two blueberry donuts, a quart of orange juice and a can of Pringl3s. James and I steal chips and a bit or two of the sandwich. Now Katie is old enough to join the mooching, and she liked the chips. It took a while especially for James to wind down, but we all slept really well!!!

This morning, we went to the pumpkin patch. James told me that he had to go with DADDY, not just me. So we went with Daddy. We picked a bunch more apples, and made the kids pose with the pumpkins. James actually picked out an itty-bitty ornamental pumpkin as his pumpkin instead of a big one. I got a big one to cook up. The weather was beautiful and it was a lot of fun.

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