Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You know how they say that you should always wear rubber gloves when you are handling peppers? Well, they may be on to something. I have chopped jalepenos plenty of times before and never had a problem. I just wash my hands and go on with life. Well. Let me tell you. I had a batch of peppers from someone at church, which I believe thanks to Google research, are mild Italian peppers. I decided to make pickled peppers. I added one jalepeno to each jar. All I did was cut slits in FOUR jalepenos. I didn't cut them open, touch the seeds or anything. So, either the mild Italian peppers are really some evil fire-breathing monster in disguise or the jalepenos from my garden are especially HOT! My hands are on fire, and have been for the last three hours. Thanks again to Google, I tried a few strange remedies but they have only temporarily worked. Although the pain is easing a tiny bit now, it feels like my hands are in boiling water and I can't take them out. The moral of the story, boys and girls, is to wear gloves! Either all jalepenos are not created equal or the
"Italian" peppers are the culprit. Now, I will go back to wrapping my hands around this frozen jug of water I have in my lap. Those peppers better be good!

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