Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Peeps

My parents just got back from a family reunion in the far north of Minnesota, where we are related to 7 out of 10 of the natives, give or take a few. The metropolis of Warroad is such a metropolis that the local paper, the Warroad Pioneer, posts all the latest in town gossip. My aunt writes this column, and her name is listed as Mrs. Alfred Heppner. Here are a few quotes from the Moranville News segment of the Pioneer.
"Norbert and Martha Fast celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on July 17 with noon dinner out, and in the evening were supper guests at Herman Visser and other guests. Wenesday, Dave and Lois Gagne and daughter Becky were noon lunch guests of parents of Alfred and Dorothy Heppner. In the afternoon, Ron Heppner, Dave and Becky toured Marvins. In the evening, all were supper guests of Ron and Sue together with the Brent Hanson's and children and the Diedrich Heppners and children out for dinner. The Gagnes are from Pequot Lakes. Matt Mitton spend the first days of last week helping grandma, Cynthia Krahn, with her garden of weeden. Matt is the son of Bruce and Linda Mitton of Roosevelt. Melvin Ortmann, Dick Spenst and grandson, Zack, worked to put in a garage door for the Alfred Heppners this past week. Issac Krahn and Ben Mitton are counselors at the Native American Baptist Boys Bible Camp, north of Kenora, Ontario this week. Most of the area had a good rain on the weekend, not good for farmers putting up hay, but good for mosquitos. To chase away mosquitos when going outdoors in the summer, try rubbing a dryer sheet on your clothes to keep mosquitos away. The family of Frank and Kate Heppner have a reunion planned for the end of July and the first days of August. They have ten children, and seven plan to attend along with their families for the occasion. Kate and Frank were married in 1930 at Lostwood, North Dakota, and came to Warroad in 1934 where they had their first child, North Dakota. Willie, the only of the family at Warroad, is planning the reunion together with his youngest sister Janet Cheyney in Pennsylvania, and his wife Henie and thier two children."

Please note I did abbreviate the article. There were birthday congratulations, birth announcements and such. And don't worry, my grandparents didn't name their kid North Dakota. They went with a more conservative bet, Frank. Just thought you guys would get a kick out of some people's news. My peeps up in Minnesota just open up the paper to see who was over at Martha's for the noon meal yesterday. So next time you are depressed about reading the news, turn to the Pioneer for a peek at the Moranville News and you won't feel so bad.


Trish D said...

Ooh, I love it! Sounds an awful lot like eastern Montana (where my Mom is from)... And on a side note, my Dad was born and raised in MN (but further south)

Phillip and Rachel said...

It's funny because Garrison Keillor writes about the exact same stuff...go figure, it's all about the Minnesota peeps...