Friday, August 22, 2008

I Might Become a Polygamist/Bring On The Jello

I have been reading a lot about polygamy lately. It is interesting, and there are a few new books out about it. I figured since I found an interesting subject matter, I might as well read up on it. I ended up reading at least a half dozen books. Jeff thinks I am going to want to be a polygamist. Ha! I told him one husband was enough, thank you very much. :) And while I am on the subject, I must admit that I have been a visitor to a certain little website called Mormon Chic. Before you get your Jesus jammies in a bunch, allow me to explain! I was searching for instructions to make a pillowcase when I found this website. It has tons of crafty ideas, recipes and stuff, all organized very well. It also happens to have ideas for Family Home Evening and wedding gown styles to cover your temple garments. I was checking for something on there today when I saw an article entitled, 'The Versatility of Jello.' The whole article is full of recipes for various and sundry mysterious gelatinized conglomerations of ground up horse hooves, fruit, shredded carrots and marshmallows. Yummy. For a moment, I forgot that it was 2008 and I flashed back to the days of the good old fashioned church potluck, where it was time for the church ladies to shine. Everyone brings there famous dishes, including, unfortunately, dishes containing Jello. Maybe becoming a polygamist wouldn't be that bad afterall. I mean, there would be as many famous Jello creations as there would be wives. That'd be enough Jello to keep horses in business for a long time. Hey, everyone needs a little job security, right?

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DayPhoto said...

Now you have me curious...Are you LDS?