Saturday, August 30, 2008

Somewhere a fish is very happy

The first great fishing trip was full of fun, adventure, and no fish. The boys headed off before 9 yesterday to go fishing. By the time they procured a fishing license, bait, line, etc., it was almost 11 before the fishing began. James also managed to find a Cars fishing set on the bottom shelf at Wally World, on clearance no less. It came in a backpack with a pole, mini-tackle box and a pair of sunglasses. After securing their gear, they went down to the dirty Delaware, but as the tide continued to chase them back up the shore, they decided to move on to a better location. They headed over to a local lake but found that there really wasn't any kid-friendly locations available. Jeff finally packed up James and headed to Core Creek Park to see if anything was biting. They had a lot of bites, but no fish. James peered over the deck at some point to look in the water, and his sunglasses fell off into the water. It was a tragedy! The water was too deep to retrieve the glasses, so they are GONE! Jeff told James that some fish would be swimming around with his sunglasses. That seemed to make him feel a little better. It was, however, the first thing that came out of his mouth when I opened the car door to see him. His little bottom lip started to quiver and he told me 'My dasses are in da yake, Mama.' He almost started to cry. Nothing is more pathetic and adorable than a sleepy little dirt-covered boy with a quivering lip. Who couldn't even say he caught his first fish. Jeff has the fishing bug now, and we are going Sunday afternoon.

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Schwartz's said...

Hope you guys catch a big one!