Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Dance

If y'all can just take a moment and CELEBRATE with me...........I now have a dishwasher........installed and ready to use. Praise JESUS! I have been doing a little happy dance since Jeff finished installing it last night. This is monumental, in my opinion. I have been doing hand for the last 4+ months. I know, I know. How did people ever do it back then. I don't know. That is one modern appliance I never want to live without. Speaking of living without modern appliances, I will be living without a washing machine for a few weeks until Jeff runs out of clean clothes and/or my parents restrict us from using their washer. The washer was in the kitchen, so in order to have a dishwasher we had to take out the washer. One step at a time...that's what we have to do. Now Jeff has to plumb it in upstairs. Until then, I'm thinking of taking my little ol' washboard down to the creek with a bar of soap. Think that'll work?

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Trish D said...

That's definitely good news - a dishwasher is definitely a must for me as well. I am soooooo thankful for modern conveniences!

BTW, you've been tagged!