Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Poop Tales and a Franch Story

Katie's cast leaves a lot to be desired for someone who freely poops and pees without a single bit of thought. There is no way to actually secure the diaper around her, and the opening for the diaper is not exactly large. I have to try and tuck a newborn diaper in there and 'hope for the best.' Let's just say, the best doesn't always happen. Remember my post about the poop incident of '08? Well, that scenario replayed itself, in the cast. Eeeewww. Almost a whole box of wipes. A half an hour. And there is still poop in the cast that can't be reached. Sorry. That's probably way too much information. That was last week. Now, there is an impending sense of doom whenever a certain scent wafts up from her hot pink cast. I can't imagine why. Poor girl. I am counting down the weeks....four and a half till she gets a new cast, and ten and a half altogether. And while we are on the subject of poop, if anyone is still listening, James has taken to describing his poop in great detail. 'Look at that, Mama! It's a teensy weensy poop!' or 'Hey, Mommy, my poop's standing up!' This morning he went, and then counts 'One people poop, two people poops, free people poops, FOUR PEOPLE POOPS!' Why? I don't know. The kid is weird. I don't have any idea where he gets that from.

And the Franch story I said was coming....

On the way to farm, there was an eccentric old guy who lived on his own farm out toward the lake. His property was littered, like most farmers' land, with broken down old farm implements, assorted wagon wheels, and rusty junk. He had some whirly-gig stuff twirling around too. We always knew we were getting close to his place when we started to see cowboy boots nailed to the top of each fence post. He probably has twenty boots nailed up along his fence. They've been there as long as I can remember. You can get the general idea from the picture, although I took it while Jeff was driving. At one point, the old man rented out a few of his fields to Charlie, the guy who ran the farm. Jeff and I were irrigating the fields one day and he was out moseying around. He came over to shoot the breeze with us for a few minutes. We were discussing the fact that most of the land around him was as of yet undeveloped. He pointed out that he had just planted an entire row of trees along the north end of his property. The trees, he told us, were not planted as a wind break as would be expected. No. He planted those trees so that if ever the neighboring property was subdivided and built up, his trees would obstruct their view. He told us that doggone it, if they were gonna build around him, at least they would not get a nice view of the monument. When we drove by on the way out to the lake, I noticed that his trees never really took off. So far, no one has subdivided and built up that field. The boots are still hanging on the their respective fence posts, a little more weathered and faded. I'm sure someday sooner rather than later things will be built up out there, and who knows whether he'll be alive to see it happen. I bet he's hoping not.

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