Monday, August 18, 2008

Oy Vey!

Seriously?! Things are going to heck in a hand basket around here. Yesterday, we were having our neighbors over for dinner. I needed to mop my floor and get dinner ready, and clean up the 136,482 toys that have multiplied like rabbits on my floor. I had planned on getting the majority of my work done while the kids were napping. That's what I get for planning! Jeff planned on working on the installation of our washing machine. You know, clean clothes and all. We've been wearing the same underwear for two weeks now. Just kidding. But we have been going to my parents to do our laundry. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Of course, Jeff failed to mention that the Saw-zall would be involved. Shortly after I got both kids to bed, Jeff started it up. The noise was LOUD and vibrated down the pipes to amplify the noise even further. Guess what? The kids woke up. Surprise, surprise. Oh, well. We do really need to get that pesky washer installed. So, instead of getting my stuff done, I attempted to get my stuff done, sort of, with two cranky kids hanging around. Amazingly for me, I wasn't all that frazzeled. Until....I was putting the food on the table, our guests were here and...drumroll please....James stood up on the chair and spit right into the chicken!!!! Why? Why do they do that stuff?! I told Jeff he had to deal with James. I didn't really have the mental capacity to deal with it at the moment. After I fished the spit out of the gravy, we had a nice dinner. They may never come back, but we had a nice dinner. I think. They had seconds! Mmmm...spit gravy.

Today, as a result of the remaining no-nap hangover, James has been less than stellar. He peed his pants while laughing about it. He got my mascara, AGAIN, out of the medicine cabinet and 'applied' it. Needless to say, naptime can none too soon. Let's all hope for a nice long nap! My sanity is banking on it!


Schwartz's said...

The spitting is coming back to haunt you again!

Jeff & Meg said...

Seriously! I wish I could tell him not to spit at all, but its kind of hard when he sees Daddy doing it. Argh!!!

the grown survivors said...

Wow. First the urine, now the saliva. At least James didn't pee in the food, though. Maybe that's next ... :)