Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Believe Everything You See On The Internet

The mysterious peppers have been identified, sort of. The peppers I thought were Italian peppers after some Google images searching....they are NOT Italian peppers. I still don't know what they are, but they are HOT. I called the person who gave them to me. (Why, oh why, didn't I do that before?) They were getting rid of them for their neighbor. She told me that they are 'supposed to be really hot.' Through much scientific research on my part, I have verified this observation. I have also discovered that there are various home remedies for pepper burn, and while they may bring temporary relief, it still comes back. I soaked my hands in rubbing alcohol, then in a baking soda paste. I am not sure it that helped or not, but the pain is mostly gone away now. My favorite recommendation they listed was to drink a few Rum and cokes and go to bed. Now I am not a big drinker, or really a drinker at all, but I think that may be the only way to make yourself forget about the pain. As a side note, and you all are going to laugh, I always thought they were called 'Roman Cokes.' Duh.


Cristi said...

Hey Meg - I had that happen once and honey really works!! You just put a little honey on the area that is burning and that's it. I accidentally touched my cheek once while making salsa with some rediculously hot peppers and it burned for an hour before I found some honey... once I put it on it only took a few mins to calm the heat so that I couldn't feel it anymore... I took it off an hour later but the heat came back so back on it went... It didn't look too bad, just added a little shine to my face. haha Just thought I'd let you know if you ever run into this problem again - the honey really worked for me... hope that helps... have a great day! :)

Schwartz's said...

Roman Cokes seriously??? I may not have known what a M.R. is but I did know Rum and Cokes.

the grown survivors said...

Another thing is to try soaking your hands in milk - I've also heard that beer can help. I'm not sure if that's soaking or drinking. Probably both. :)