Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bullfrog Says: Just Say NO to Peer Pressure!

Whilst trying to entertain ourselves one fine sunny afternoon, Jeff and I got a hold of some kind of small boat. I can’t really remember if it was a canoe or what. I guess that’s irrelevant. We took it out on the pond, which was really the equivalent of using a fifty pound sledgehammer to crush pop cans. (You wouldn’t do that, would you Grandpa?) The pond was a small manmade pond, designed to collect excess water from the upper fields and direct it to the lower fields. It wasn’t terribly deep, although we couldn’t touch the bottom as we went toward the middle. The pond was stocked with catfish, which multiplied and grew large thanks to all the delicious bugs and critters that washed down the irrigation ditch. Bullfrogs somehow found their merry way across the Colorado desert to inhabit the pond. We may or may not have used them as target practice in the past. I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor. And why we swam in this pond, I will never know. OK, I do know. It was hot and with nary a swimming pool in sight, we decided that a few little parasites never hurt anyone and we jumped on in. But I digress. This is supposed to be about a frog and peer pressure. I am getting nowhere fast. So we were out on the pond in some kind of dinghy. We were paddling around and got this grand idea to try and sneak up on the bullfrogs sitting along the shore. Seriously. We were this deprived for entertainment. We stealthily paddled toward an unsuspecting frog. Jeff encouraged/prodded/finagled me into whacking it over the head with an oar. To this day, I feel bad for what I did. Really, what did the frog ever do to me? Did it deserve such treatment? No. I just gave in to peer pressure and knocked the poor thing senseless. It was stunned enough that I got out of the boat and caught it. I put it in the boat and we paddled out toward the center of the pond. By that time it was coming to. We put it back in the water and I swam after it till it disappeared under the water. I don’t know why it felt the need to part from my company so suddenly. Maybe he heard his mom calling or something.

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