Monday, April 14, 2008

Quick Update

In addition to obliviously shouting obscenities in the backyard, James has been busy being a royal pain in the buns. Actually, we've all been sick. He's short on sleep and just acting like it. Its been very interested, as Grandma Heppner would say. Jeff took him to Sears yesterday to sit on the tractors, so that was the highlight of his day. Saturday we celebrated Phil's birthday. Happy B-Day, Phil!! I would put up a few pictures, but right now my brain is not functioning very well at all. If you want pictures, click on the Buttino Adventures link on the side bar. There are some funny ones. Katie is learning to roll back over and she is so very responsive. She loves to grab at things, and eat my hair. I am again tempted to chop it all off. She is growing hair, fine light blond hair. Jeff is BUSY with school, work, house, taxes, etc. We need a vacation or something! I am just plugging away with the endless tasks associated with a new house. Also, we turned the keys over to our tenant yesterday! So, that about sums it up. Within the week or so, we'll have internet and it'll be back to the mindless drivel and strange humor that is my blog. See ya' soon!

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