Monday, April 28, 2008

Just the Same Old Thing

No internet, no phone. Where am I again? I am starting to feel extremely agitated with the phone company. Seriously, if you accidentally shut off our phone on Thursday, can you just ‘accidentally’ manage to turn it back on? We are paying for it, you know.

Yesterday was a fun day even if it did not go according to Hoyle. A friend of ours asked if he could replace his brakes in our driveway. The reasoning behind this was two-fold: one, he could use Jeff’s tools, jack, etc. and two, he could use Jeff if he got stuck. While he was working, Jeff cleaned out the shed and part of the garage AND revamped a weed-whacker he fished out of someone’s trash. All this manly activity made for a fun day for James. He went back and forth between ‘fitzin’ with Ryan and climbing up the ladder when Jeff wasn’t looking to stashing all of the wrenches in the shed. In the meantime, Ryan’s wife Ashley hung out with me. I got a little organizing done upstairs and just had fun. Katie got passed around, happy as can be. She didn’t really outdo herself in the nap category, but oh, well.

I had better be off. It smells like a dead skunk rotting in the hot summer sun and I don’t think that it’s Katie.

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