Friday, April 25, 2008

I Nee' You

My trusty blog readers, ie. Mom and Dad, have been harassing me about the lack of blog content hearabouts. Mom said she 'needed me to blog' so she would have something to read. I am glad that I can provide some sort of entertainent for you, Mom. We found out that we won't have the internet till May 1st, which is a big disappointment, but thanks to our faithfull little servant, the jump drive, I have been able to provide y'all with the entertainment that has been missing in your lives since we moved. Here are a few random updates from us:

  • James' new phrases are 'Hol-me hand, Mommy' and 'I nee-you, Mommy' Talk about melting my heart!
  • Katie has been perfecting her 'bowling ball technique' of rolling around the floor. She loves to make all sorts of strange noises, which Rach likened to an underwater sea mammal
  • The house is coming along. We still have some trim and painting to do, but we are seeing lots of progress!
  • I am running out of Katie Patience to blog more, so I had best get going before she goes on strike. See ya' later, peoples!

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