Friday, April 25, 2008

Coming Soon: Buns O' Steel

In a few short weeks I should theoretically be in the best shape ever. Our new neighborhood is situated on a hill, or in these here parts, a ‘mountain.’ The way to Mom and Dad’s is uphill, both ways. Seriously. There are a few pretty good slopes in both directions. This would be good exercise in any situation, but pushing a fifty pound stroller loaded with a thirty pound kid and a chubby little baby girl and a random toy or two turns it into the workout to beat all workouts. I know this for a fact because I can actually feel that lovely burning sensation in muscles I never knew I had before. Its actually quite nice to be able to get out and get a little exercise and fresh air with the kiddies. We all feel better afterwards. The buns o’ steel will be a nice side effect.

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