Friday, April 25, 2008

We're Goin' Amish

During the move, we had a few casualties. The door of my hutch broke. The cabinet that my Dad made for my Mom way back in the day broke. Our TV broke. For quite some time I have been saying that I wish my TV would just break. I just want to get a little dinky TV that we can watch movies on. I hate having a regular sized TV. Everyone who comes to our house wonders where on earth our TV is. I refuse to have it in the living room. It’s too easy to just turn it on and veg out. Not that that’s always bad. But it’s just not productive and can easily get out of hand. In my opinion anyway. So……..our TV finally broke. And I am not so sure I am happy about it. Since we haven’t had internet, and we have no TV, I feel very out of touch. No news, no Biggest Loser (I know, I know), no blog (tragic!), no Google, and no weather! I have been forced to rely on the old window method of meteorology. It is highly accurate, but not too great for planning ahead. (Not that the weathermen are right anyway) I haven’t been able to read friend’s blogs, and Google anything that crosses my mind. Instead, I have had to wile away my days baking bread on the hearth and stitching my own petticoats. Not really. I have actually been very busy unpacking, painting, kid-wrangling, etc. I did make some homemade bread, though. I have come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t make a very good Amish person. I think I can live without the TV, but the Internet sure is nice to have. Now if only we can do something about getting a dishwasher…

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