Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hello Again, Party Peoples!

I am back here doing laundry and figured I would drop in to make a short post before the kids realize what I am up to. So, without further ado, I would just like to say that James + the word 'shed' = Very Bad. Especially when he is yelling it repeatedly in the backyard for your new neighbors to overhear. It was like a flashback from this post. Quite loudly, James was yelling 'Daddy have ladder in Daddy's sh*t!' 'Daddy sh*t!' He yelled it what seemed to be a zillion times. I kept correcting him, saying Daddy's sheeeeeeddddddddddddd, but it didn't catch on. I guess it serves me right for thinking it was funny that my friend's kid yelled a bad mispronunciation of 'music truck' everytime the ice cream truck drove by.

PS. While writing this post I have been interupted several times, the most notable being when James said 'Mommy, me helping Tee walk!' I turned around to find him carrying Katie out the door of Dad's office. At least he held her right side up this time and didn't drop her. Now he's 'fitzin' Da-paw's yight,' so I had better get going. Whew!

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