Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Helllllllloooooo out there!

Hi, there, long lost bloggy friends. I haven't dropped off the face of the planet, although I am hanging on to the edge. We have been in the new house for almost a week now. We still have no phone, internet, washing machine, etc. Thus the reason I am over here at the 'rents, doing my laundry and updating the trusty ol' blog. We have been slowly but surely getting things situated. It's a lot of work, especially with two ankle-biters running around. James has been having a rough time of it all and acting like a terror sometimes. Actually a lot of the time. I am having a hard time being patient being under-rested and over-worked. He is even being mean to Katie so I can't leave them alone at all. He has been hitting her, and even dragged her around by her feet twice. See what I mean?! The great news is that we got a rental permit for the 'old' house!!! The inspector went through and nit-picked a lot of things, and then....passed it!!!! This was a HUGE relief! He told us to fix a few minor things and wrote out a permit. Yipeee!!! Saturday we hand over the keys to our renters. While it will be a relief, it is sad too. It's our first house, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the never-ending remodeling projects we did there. Jeff reminded me that we could always move back if we wanted to. Yeah, like I am going to pack up my whole house again and move back! I miss it, but not that much!

Hopefully soon we'll have some internet up and running so I can get back to the blog. I have plenty of random and bizarre ideas piled up in my head, so look out! I could be dangerous!

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