Saturday, May 02, 2009

Alrighty then.

A few days ago we attempted by go grocery shopping. By this, I mean that I hauled my exhausted children, and my exhausted self to the grocery store. I know, what was I thinking? But it was either that, or chew on shoe leather for dinner. The trip didn't turn out so well, with Katie throwing her first ever, in-public, on-the-floor fit, and James loosing his marbles too. We didn't end up getting everything we needed, but hey, at least we have ketchup to put on our shoe leather now. The one funny thing that came out of the trip was this: James was getting very frustrated by about the fifth isle, and wanted to go home. I was fumbling around with my coupons, looking for a certain one. He looked up at me sternly and said, 'Mommy, make up your heckin' darn mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Yes, that came out of my little boy's mouth. While I have never said that exact phrase, I have been known to say 'what the heck? And 'darn it' too. So now, I must remind myself, yet again, that certain words don't always sound that great coming out of a little boy's mouth.

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