Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dare I Ask?

James: I just peed, not in the toilet!

Jeff and I: Uh, what?

James: I just peed not in the toilet!

Meg: Uh, where exactly did you pee? (wondering if I really wanted to know)

James: In the yogurt bucket (We have a yogurt container in the bathroom the kids use to scoop water with in the bath)

Meg: Huh?! (heading toward the bathroom)

I discovered that James indeed had peed in the yogurt container, with nary a drop on the floor. He had then carefully transferred it to the toilet and flushed it down. What a guy. I tried reaaaaally hard, but couldn't keep a straight face, so Jeff had to have the 'don't do that again' speech with James.

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