Friday, May 29, 2009

Nesting/Crafty Fever

I'm in trouble. I am officially in the nesting phase....AND I have crafty fever. I want to get everything organized, cleaned and in its place ASAP, and I also want to sew up a storm. I have a zillion projects floating around in my mind, and at least five sewing projects I want to complete before Cheepa gets here. I had better get crackin'! I'll have to take some pictures of the progress around here. At least this time I don't have the urge to carry all my houseplants outside and dust them off this time around. Wait, I don't have any houseplants. I have kids. Only the strong survive.

1 comment:

Trish D said...

Feel free to bring your nestiness on over our direction ;)

So when are the kiddos scheduled for THEIR dusting - or perhpas they need an oiling. Oooh, wouldn't that be fun?!