Monday, May 18, 2009

Strange Happenings

Yesterday we had a full, but fun day. It included church in the morning, lunch at the 'rents with Nate and his girlfriend, a nap for the kids, and small group. And....

On the way back from my parents, because you know it is a whopping .6 miles away, I glimpsed through the trees some strange happenings. I told Jeff to turn off on a little side street so we could get closer. I knew what I thought I saw, but wasn't sure if I was nuts. When we came to the green belt that runs between my parents' section and ours, it became clear that there was a convention of geeks going on. Yes, indeed, the 'Dunge0ns and Dr@gons' crew had ventured out of their respective parents' basements and into the sun to convene for a real life 'role-play' of a script that runs along the same lines of D and D. There were approximately 30 of these strange peeps dressed in robes, cloaks, turbans, etc., with foam swords, clubs and other miscellaneous foam weaponry. And because Jeff has no inhibitions in these situations, he quickly grabbed the camera and ran down to nestle himself in the shrubbery to scope it out and take some photos. When he was spotted by the oddly-behaving peeps, he waved and they invited him to hop the creek and come on over. If engineering doesn't work out, Jeff can fall back on journalism. He'll talk to anyone. He went over and talked at length with the people. They explained that they were part of a large group of people who write scripts and role-play. Here are the cliff notes from what Jeff was told:
  • They are part of a large group of fantasy/role playing/D and D club something-or-other
  • They have their own spell books; some spells are up to 3,000 words long.
  • They throw foam balls (lightning) at each other; being hit by lightning is instant death
  • They are all part of clans and have their own strange 'fantasy' names, personalities, etc.
  • The nomads can be captured for any clan's usage and wear brown capes
  • They referred to themselves as 'geeks meet jocks' because they like to re-inact their fantasy scenarious (in public?! our house?!)
  • They take their biz-ness very seriously
  • Jeff is invited to come back next week
  • I don't think Jeff will be donning his cloak to join them. Unless they have a role in their script for a tall lanky guy in footy pajamas who gets to eat lots of tortilla chips. Then he might be tempted to go.
Apparently these people are going to continue doing this every other Sunday indefinitely, so if you are in need of some (strange, freaky) entertainment, come on over!


Phillip and Rachel said...

That is just about hilarious...I am sad I missed that experience.

mcwigginseses said...

Heyyyy tell Jeff that my dad talked to those fake sword-fighting people once too! He was not sucked in by the cult either.

P.S. I think a lot of those people hang out at the renaissance festival. And the Goodwill.