Thursday, May 14, 2009

No, I am not crazy...

Why do you ask? Just because I drove about an hour and 15 minutes to acquire 25 pounds of rhubarb doesn't make me crazy. I discovered a rhubarb farm, and oh, how I love rhubarb. Its just so darn hard to find, and when you do, it costs an arm and a leg, and its nasty looking. So, at $2 a pound for nice, freshly picked rhubarb (organic to boot!) I went for a drive. Actually, I got 15 pounds and Mom and Rach each got 5. We take our vegetables very seriously around here.

P.S. Rach, there is a bunch of rhubarb the size of Texas shoved in my frige for you! Its taking up most of the top shelf. :)

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mcwigginseses said...

I'm so glad you found good rhubarb! I've decided you just need to plant some and get it over with already.

I made a cobbler tonight and boy, was it good!