Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Math: My Specialty

Anyone reading this who knows me fairly well knows that math is actually NOT my specialty. Faaaar from it. But I can bust out a little algebra every now and then when I need to. Here are a few equations I have just figured out:

The Pit of Despair = Stress, stress, and more stress

Prolonged time working on the P.O.D. = Prolonged stress

Prolonged Stress = Lost Sanity, exhaustion

Lost Sanity = Not Good

So maybe this isn't math after all. Its more like proofs in Geometry. Sort of. My point is that we are exhausted, tired, exhausted, tired, and basically never want to see the rental again! My sanity has gone somewhere and I can only hope it returns someday. On top of that, the kids are way past sick of going to the house too. They are tired, cranky, and starting to do what kids do best in that type of situation: act out. And, if you remember from my cheesy equations above, Jeff and I are not exactly feeling chipper ourselves. At this point I could pretty much crawl under a rock and cry. But then I would hear 'Mommy, I need water. Mommy, come wipe my buns.' and I would no longer be able to sit and wail. I would have to get up and get going. Which is what I have been doing. There is light at the end of the tunnel; its just not close enough, dang it!

And to add a bit of 'excitement' to my already exhausting day yesterday, right before bed the kids were playing outside for a few minutes. James came running around the corner screaming, with blood all over. Let me tell you, head wounds bleed a lot. And I do not handle exhaustion + head wounds very well. In trying to jump up and peek over the wall (like Jeff does), James pulled a loose brick down and it fell on his head. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as it appeared, but it took me quite a while to come down off the adrenaline. In fact, I went out and organized my garage and cleaned up the backyard to try and distract myself from the drama of it all. And then I sat down and ate a big chunk of contraband watermelon all by myself. And guess what? First thing this morning, James asked me for the watermelon. How does that little stinker even know I had it?! I hid it in a shopping bag and smuggled it in. Little turkey.

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DayPhoto said...

ONLY 77 DAYS TO GO! Oh excitment and joy!!! YEAH!