Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kids' Shenanigans and S-C-O-R-E!!!

It was warm enough yesterday to play in the hose!; James and his outfit of the day

Katie in her cowboy gear; Saying Cheese!

Orange Smile!; Sharing an orange

And cha-ching! We caught the groundhog that plagued my garden last year. He actually stayed away from most everything, except my entire crop of peas and several cilantro plants. Who knew groundhogs liked cilantro?! He will be moving on to some greener pastures far away from my garden. Coming to a neighborhood near you! (Just kidding! I think.)


Phillip and Rachel said...

Can I have your groundhog...I LOVE those little boogers. I go to the park on my lunch break and watch them waddle around. I also chase the ones at my apartment, although they are surprisingly fast. I will name him Harold and he can be my little apartment pet.

DayPhoto said...

What a cute animal! We don't have those here. But we do have Whistle Pigs.