Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ketchup Packets are Wondrous Things

If my memory serves me well, James has been to a fast food restaurant only three times. Once in Maine, when he was about 20 months old, once in Colorado, where he refused to eat the food, and then once last Saturday. We went to the only place I have ever heard of that serves chicken for breakfast: Chick-fil-@. He got a kid's meal, which I can assure you is the first kid's meal my poor deprived kid has ever had. When he got his bag, he asked 'Is this mine?' When I said yes, he sat down and pulled out a box of chicken nuggets, an envelope of fries, a bug catcher toy, a juice box, and.....ketchup packets. Now it is worth mentioning that he was so distracted by both the juice box and the mysterious little packets that he didn't even notice it was a toy he removed from his bag. He quickly dove into the juice box, and asked me what those little things were. When I explained to him that they had ketchup inside, he was quite enthralled. He even brought a couple packets home with him. Since Saturday, he has been asking me to make eggs so he can have 'that ketchup' on them. Who knew that a few ketchup packets could give my kid something to anticipate for days?! He did, eventually, realize he got a toy with his lunch. He picked at the chicken nuggets, and ate a few fries. But who cares about toys and chicken nuggets when there are ketchup packets to be had?

And in other random news, I canned strawberry jam today!!! Its not quite strawberry season here yet, but the grocery store had a decent sale on strawberries and I couldn't resist. It was fun!

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Phillip and Rachel said...

I am so proud that you took James to my favorite fast food joint of all time. MMMMM...