Friday, May 15, 2009

Backyard Intrigue

It was brought to my attention last week that there were not one, but two pesky groundhogs cavorting around the neighborhood. After I trapped the first one, the only one I knew about, I saw the second groundhog exiting the burrow beneath OUR SHED, a big fat manly-looking groundhog. This meant war, boys and girls. I set the trap and hoped for a quick catch. It was time to break up the groundhog Love Shack once and for all. This morning I was disappointed that the big guy hadn't made his way into the trap yet. However, whilst eating our breakfast, the fat lad rolled out of bed and smelled the delicious and drooled-on remnant of Katie's banana and went for it. Snap! I looked up and there he was, wondering what just happened. He soon discovered he was trapped, and is now trying to burrow his way out. Operation Groundhog Relocation Phase 2 Completed. Maybe he'll be reunited with his little lady friend when we release him into the woods. They can have their little groundhog babies far away from my garden, thank you very much.

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