Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Word Spurt

If there is such a thing, James has just had a word spurt. (Like a growth spurt for the brain) He has been repeating words we say, as if he has said them all along. Except that they are totally new words for him. He now says 'orange juice,' as opposed to just asking for juice. He says 'home,' when we are going home. I was telling him that Great Grandpa and Grandma Cheyney were coming to visit soon. He said 'Ba-Paw Cheen,' for Grandpa Cheyney. He asks for his 'shirt' and 'pats.' He has even told me, two days in a row, that he is 'ting-tee.' (Stinky) Oh, and he tries to say 'nasty.' That cracked me up when I realized what he was trying to say. He told Grandpa that he wanted 'more of that.' Wow! A real sentence! He says 'peez' and 'tats.' One of my favorite James-isms is 'Jootz peez?' (Juice, please?) Pretty soon we'll be having regular conversations with him.

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