Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Grandparent Smorgasbord

So many grandparents, so little time! Last week, Grandpa and Grandma Cheyney came for a visit from Florida. We spent a lot of time over at Mom and Dad’s, visiting and having a good time. The kids especially benefited from all the spoiling/playing/holding/spoiling by the Great Grandparents. James spent his week going from one grandparent to the next, looking for a sucker to take him outside, upstairs, or wherever his little heart desired. With all the fam there, he had four grandparents to choose from and made his rounds. (Not to mention Auntie and Uncles!) James’ new thing is to bring someone all his toys and pile them in their lap. He would pile his house and barn into someone’s lap, and then he’d try to climb up and try to play. Now that things are back to normal, James is wondering what happened. He has gone to the door a few times and said “Baw-Paw Cheen???” We ran to Mom’s to pick up some stuff the other day and he went in and immediately looked around for some Grandparents. No dice. Everyone’s back to their normal routines, which means absolutely zilch to a two-year-old looking for someone to play with.

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